Contact Us

Contact Us

Audre Lorde Project
85 South Oxford Street,
Brooklyn, NY, 11217-1607

Telephone: 718.596.0342
Fax: 718.596.1328
Email: alpinfo [at] alp [dot] org




Kim Ford, Board Chair

Shaheen Nazerali, Treasurer

Kian Goh, Capital Campaign Committee Chair

Joanne Arellano, Fundraising Committee Chair

Lindsey Charles

Jasbir Puar



Staff are listed in alphabetical order and may be reached via the ALP main number listed above.

Alex Bell, Administration & Development Assistant
extension 21
email: abell [at] alp [dot] org

Collette Carter, Program Coordinator: Resource Center
extension 17
email: ccarter [at] alp [dot] org

Trishala Deb, Program Coordinator: Immigrant Rights
extension 12
email: tdeb [at] alp [dot] org

Ejeris Dixon, Program Coordinator: Safe Outside the System Collective
extension 22
email: edixon [at] alp [dot] org

Bran Fenner, Program Coordinator:  Leaders Roundtable
extension 14
email: bfenner [at] alp [dot] org

Kris Hayashi, Executive Director
extension 19
email: khayashi [at] alp [dot] org

Mya Laylani Vazquez, Consultant: TransJustice
extension 23
email: mvazquez [at] alp [dot] org