Support ALP

Support ALP

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world." -- Audre Lorde

Donate via Network for Good

Donate to ALP - download our PDF form or donate online through Network for Good to support our every-day operations and programming.

Support ALP’s Capital Campaign for a Space for Many Movements - help us move to a new home!

A gift to the Audre Lorde Project provides critical support to our work for economic and social justice for LGBTSTGNCQ People of Color.

There are many ways to support and to get involved:

  1. Join ALP’s Circle by making a donation today:
    • Circle of Friends: Individuals who contribute up to $500 over a year.
    • Visionary Circle: Individuals who contribute $500 or more over a year.

    You can donate online through Network for Good or by mailing in a contribution (fill out our simple form (in PDF format) and mail it with a check, money order or your credit card information).
    You can also make a monthly pledge to ALP. You can do this online via Network for Good or via mail. We’ll charge your credit card/debit card each month with the amount you request. Imagine after a year, a contribution of $25 per month becomes an annual donation of $300!

  2. Host a House Party!

    Email khayashi [at] alp [dot] org to request a House Party Kit with everything you need to know to host a House Party for ALP! House Parties are a great opportunity to bring community members together. By sharing your interest and support for the work of the Audre Lorde Project with your friends, family and colleagues, you are increasing ALP’s Circle of Friends and providing valuable information on the economic and social justice issues affecting our communities. And of course, you get to have fun in the process!

  3. Make an In-Kind Donation

    Donate goods or your services to the Audre Lorde Project! Our wish list includes computer equipment, digital camera, video camera, desks, movie projector, television, office supplies (pens, notepads, paper, etc.). If there is something you wish to donate that’s not on this list, let us know.

  4. Employer Matching Contributions

    You can double the impact of your gift with your employer. Many companies offer a matching gift program, where the company matches their employees’ charitable contributions. When you make a donation, include the matching gift form and we’ll send it to your employer. To find out if your company matches charitable contributions, please see your human resources department for further information.

  5. Employee Designated Giving

    This type of giving program allows employees to contribute to the Audre Lorde Project directly through a payroll deduction. You pledge a specific, self-determined amount from each paycheck, which is then deducted each pay period and sent to ALP on a regular basis. All donations through the employee giving program are tax deductible.

  6. Join the The B. Michael Hunter Legacy Circle

    Sustaining The Audre Lorde Project for years to come requires passion, commitment, and planning on the part of a broad collective of individuals. One of ALP’s founding board officers, B.Michael Hunter – whom we knew as Bert – embodied all three of these values and encouraged the community that is ALP to support its critical work by 1) making regular financial gifts to ALP and 2) by including ALP in our wills, no matter how little or much we perceive we have.

    In Bert’s memory, ALP announces the establishment of The B. Michael Hunter Legacy Circle to honor the spirit and volunteer leadership of individuals who name The Audre Lorde Project as a beneficiary of an annuity, trust, will or other estate plan. Inaugural members of The B. Michael Hunter Legacy Circle include long time community leaders such as John Manzon-Santos, a founding board member of the Audre Lorde Project and the current Executive Director of the API Wellness Center in San Francisco.

    Recognizing Bert for his legacy of generosity, caring, and commitment is no easy feat. The Audre Lorde Project hopes to keep Bert’s legacy alive by continuing our hard work for justice for our communities and by establishing the Hunter Legacy Circle, honoring and recognizing Bert for naming the Audre Lorde Project as a beneficiary of his estate. We honor those individuals who, years to come, will name the Audre Lorde Project as a beneficiary of an annuity, trust, will or other estate plan.

    If you are interested in receiving more information on the Hunter Legacy Circle, please contact Kris Hayashi at (718) 596-0342 or khayashi [at] alp [dot] org.

As The Audre Lorde Project, Inc. is a 501(c)3 approved organization, your voluntary contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. You may request a copy of our last annual report from us or from the State of NY, Office of the Attorney General, Charities Bureau.