Volunteering at ALP

Volunteering at ALP

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Since the Audre Lorde Project first opened its doors in the summer of 1996, volunteers have been essential in building every aspect of ALP from setting up computer systems, to developing ALP's newsletter, to organizing events, to setting the direction and vision for ALP's work.

What can Volunteers do at The Audre Lorde Project?

  • Administrative Work
  • Fundraising
  • Internet & Website Maintenance
  • Office Maintenance
  • Outreach
  • Special Events
  • Writing/Editing

Volunteers can also participate on Working Groups. Working Groups are structured committees where volunteers can help develop organizational policy on various issues and help implement programs. Participating on a working group requires a commitment of at least 3 months for up to 10 hours a month. Working Groups include:

  • GO: Youth Organizing - focus on projects affecting LGBTSTGNCQ POC youths. This working group is open to volunteers age 20 & under only.
  • Immigrant Rights - focus on projects affecting the status and well being of LGBTSTGNC POC immigrants. This working group is open to immigrants only.
  • Resource Center - help plan community events and cultural events, implement our health & wellness related programs such as community outreach & workshop facilitation.
  • The SOS Collective - organize campaigns & actions against violence that's directed against LGBTSTGNC People of Color & broader communities of color.
  • TransJustice - by & for Trans & Gender Non-conforming people of color, works to mobilize its communities & allies into action on pressing political issues they face such as employment & education.

Why Volunteer at ALP?

Besides the rewarding experience of giving back to your community and working towards specific community based projects, people come to ALP to have fun, to meet other people and to learn about our community. You can also take advantage of ALP's different programs, which include events, community forums, trainings, discussion/support group meetings & poetry readings. As an ALP volunteer you will be added to our mailing list and receive our newsletter, program materials and volunteer related information. You'll also be invited to special volunteer events.

How To Become a Volunteer

Individuals interested in becoming ALP volunteers can contact The Audre Lorde Project by phone or by filling out the attached volunteer inquiry & sending it to ALP. You will then fill out a volunteer application, set up an appointment with ALP staff to discuss your interests & decide on the most suitable volunteer project for you. Individuals who are accepted as volunteers will be scheduled to attend our next volunteer orientation. Then we'll set a time for you to start.

Who Should Volunteer?

People who are interested in supporting an organization that provides so much to our community. Prospective volunteers should be responsible, committed to our mission, guiding principles & have free time to give. Volunteer projects can fit your schedule. You can volunteer once a month or more often, do projects at home, at ALP or in the borough most convenient for you.